We have endeavoured to make this process as simple and as efficient as possible. It is based upon a three day service.

Day 1 – we collect your device, and if required we leave you with a loan unit

Day 2 – we update your device

Day 3 – we return your device back to you.

We hope that this will mean that there is no need for you to arrange for your devices to be consolidated into one location, or to pack them up for shipping. We will come to every location that you have.

Step 1

We will need to know the following information;

  • Serial number of the device (this is on a label on the back of it)
  • Where the device is to be collected from
  • Where the device is to be returned to (if different from the collection address)
  • Serial number of the battery
  • Details of the person responsible for purchasing consumables

Step 2

DPD will arrive on the agreed date with a pink plastic box

  • Take the loan unit (if arranged) out of the plastic box
  • Place your device into the plastic box; including carry case, battery and electrode pads

Step 3

DPD will return two working days later with a pink plastic box

  • Take your device out of the plastic box
  • Place the loan unit (if you have one) into the plastic box.


Loan Units – We have a limited number of loan units available each day which can be left with you whilst we enhance your device. By NOT requesting a loan unit, you will have a greater choice of available dates and will also be helping to ensure that loan units are available for those who cannot be without their iPAD SP1 for three days. Loan units can be requested whilst booking your collection.

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